Adrie pull over by Millstrand Pullover


There really are a few clothes and apparel brands nowadays that have set their attention more on quality instead of popularity. One such brand is Millstrand Co., a fashion brand less understood in the market yet with the possibility to flourish in the future.

Enter Millstrand Co., a business name that’s not been in the scene for long however it’s managed to attract the attention with some quality clothes and home goods. The brand has a line of apparel featuring design that is minimalistic yet provides the required requirements or in other words even excels.

One of the unique offer by the business name is the Island Bath Collection featuring layout that is meticulous and amazing feel. Designed to present a spa-like sense, the Millstrand Co. Island Bathtub Selection can be purchased in the firm’s official web site. The range comes in a group of six towels in a couple of white coral, cloud gray and classic colours. The towels concluded with diamond trimmings guaranteeing a warm sensation and are being woven from premium.

It can be added as to guarantee minimum pilling plus a textured sense the Adrie pull over by millstrand has been fabricated from wools and acrylic. The garment was designed for handwash and could be immediately dried as well. The trendy jumper for women are available in a price of HK $700 in the business name’s official web site.


Now, it can be detected the Millstrand Co. is slowly assembling a brand which many consider will be compared closely to other global manufacturers in a few years from now.

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