Manhasset Miracle Smile New York


There are many prominent dental clinics in New York City. One of those is Manhasset Miracle Smile. The clinic specializes in offering dental services to people with over decades of experience in the field. There may be some reasons which make Manhasset Miracle Smile one of the most reputable clinics in and around New York.

One of the top qualities of the clinic lies in the fact that it offers skilled professionals who have all the required knowledge to treat the dental problems. The team is led by Dr. Benjamin Feintuch who has managed to collect a group of dental doctors skilled in what they do.

The Manhasset Miracle Smile New York also provides an array of options in regards to financing the treatments. The clinic has transparent costing plans, varied insurance choices and different types of payment packages for patients to avail. Besides that, the clinic also employs the use of advanced technologies in order to deliver quality services. These equipments can help in carrying out the process of diagnosis and treatment of dental ailments in a quick manner. Moreover, the staffs are also qualified to handle such machines in the appropriate way.


Unlike many other clinics in the city, Manhasset Miracle Smile New York has a conducive working environment which can be beneficial for both the patients as well as the staffs. This aspect is very essential for a business to offer the best possible services. The clinic welcomes patients from areas like Great Neck, Flower Hill, Munsey Park, and surrounding regions.

Located in Orchard Street Manhasset, Manhasset Miracle Smile not only offers clients general dental services but also implant dentistry, restorative dentistry as well as cosmetic dentistry. Over the past few years, the clinic has managed to attract a lot of patients for their efficient services and flexible payment plans.

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