Marijuana And Erectile Dysfunction on women’s sexual wellness

It’s said that some external oil including medical marijuana is used for enhancing the sexual encounter in women. Cannabis reinforces the physiological response to sexual stimulation and enhances the arousal process. The study was conducted on some group of girls who experienced low libido.

Men shouldn’t get worried if ED occurs now and then, that isn’t something to worry about. But if it frequently occurs it may be due to some other ailment. If that’s the case, the illness should be treated and the ED will get worked out also. Several states have approved marijuana for medical use. But it’s to get thumbs up in the FDA to be used for any medical condition.

Some few afflictions which are qualified for medical cannabis are Alzheimer’s PTSD, glaucoma, cancer, disease, nausea, seizures and epilepsy, hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS, wasting diseases, multiple sclerosis and pain relief. ED is not in the list. But there are some states that use cannabis for ailments which are not on the approved list. The theme of how does marijuana affect you isn’t solved. Some reports that cannabis enhances sexual experience, while some reports of conditions like erectile dysfunction and inability to achieve climax.

It’s true that different forms have different effect and then there is also the sensitivity level. But there is also possibility that same marijuana strains can have different sexual effect on different men. Some girls also reported they were able to overcome emotional issues and enjoy a healthy sexual life. But marijuana can have a different effect on different individual so it’s recommended to never attempt any medical pot without consulting with the physician.

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